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Book of Counted Sorrows by Dean Koontz Charnel House LTD "A" Signed
Item HCX2044-1
Book of Counted Sorrows by Dean Koontz Charnel House LTD "A" Signed
Book of Counted Sorrows by Dean Koontz Charnel House LTD "A" Signed
Authors: richard
Location: Catskill, NY
Publisher: Charnel House
Date: 2003
Edition: Limited Edition
Features: First limited edition, lettered state. Limited to 26 signed and lettered copies. This copy is lettered "A". Bound in full black Morocco (goat-skin leather), with an Art Deco geometric design in three colors of leather inlaid to front and one color to back cover of book. Housed in a silk and glass (publisher's) traycase (not issued in dust jacket). A unique opportunity to get the first copy of the Limited Edition.
Book Condition: As New: An unread, pristine copy.

For many years the Book of Counted Sorrows was veiled under a shroud of mystery where many questioned its very existence. Their queries were well founded since Koontz quoted passages and referenced the collection of poetry long before its formal production. When it was finally released, readers were surprised to find an elaborately developed introduction rich in Koontz’ classic wit that explored the fictionalized history of the poetry contained in the book.  

Dean Koontz is a celebrated author that has topped the chart of the New York Times Best Seller List a whopping 14 times for both hardcovers and paperbacks and has sold over 450 million books to date. Koontz’s literary career spans many genres focusing on horror and suspense fiction early on and diversifying to satire, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy in his later works.  

Beginning in 1989, the publisher Charnel House took the art of limited edition book design to the next level. Founder Joe Stefko wanted to manifest the aesthetic he envisioned for horror fiction books with daring concepts and expert craftsmanship. Stefko used unique materials and juxtaposed textures to create art binding unlike anything else on the market.   

Charnel House put their alternative twist on a number of books by heavy hitters such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Tim Powers. Some of their most radically, brilliant pieces include the Dean Koontz novel Brother Odd shaped like a cathedral including a stunning stained-glass window set as the focal point of the top board. Other editions have materials include bullets, $2 bills made into pastedowns and flyleaves, and literal wasps captured in acrylic.  Another notch on Charnel's belt of excellence, is that they were the sole publishers of the elusive Book of Counted Sorrows by Dean Koontz.  

Charnel House is in a league of its own when it comes to their elevated art bindings. The beauty of Charnel House inspires the public to judge their books by their covers.

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