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Blood ‘n’ Thunder: Winter 2011
Item BNTWT-2011
Blood ‘n’ Thunder: Winter 2011
This issue offers two articles for Doc Savage fans: one covers the 1985 Doc radio series broadcast over National Public Radio, the other reveals sources used (and even plagiarized) by primary series author Lester Dent while writing about the exotic locales in Doc’s adventures. An article by Robert O. Erisman, editor of the pulp line published by Marvel Comics owner Martin Goodman, shows how to build a salable pulp story “brick by brick.” BnT editor Ed Hulse writes about Patria, the 1917 movie serial that sparked an international incident. Gary Lovisi and Mark Trost contribute pulp and paperback reviews, and the little-known 1940 comic-book story featuring a thinly disguised Captain Future (renamed Major Mars) is reprinted for the first time anywhere. 
Cover Art by Walter Baumhofer
102pp. 8x10 inch TPB
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